Policy: Clean Energy Friendly Ohio

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Ohio policymakers have expressed interest in a set of renewable energy and efficiency policies that would maximize financial benefits to the state, while keeping Ohio on track to meet potential future environmental regulations. To evaluate the most effective mix of resources that would meet these two objectives, the Greenlink Group, in consultation with Runnerstone, produced four forecasts of the state’s electricity market: a baseline case that models an extended freeze of Ohio’s renewable and energy-efficiency standards, and three scenarios based on varying, but achievable, levels of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Each of the three alternative scenarios would meet potential federal carbon reduction regulations as well as provide financial benefits to the state. Responding to concerns of Ohio policymakers regarding existing law, each of the scenarios – Accelerated Efficiency, Intermediate Pathway, and Expanded Renewables – also reduces the efficiency and renewable standard levels established in Senate Bill (S.B.) 221/310 and is based on clear trends and achievable targets within the state’s growing clean energy industry.

Our analysis found that the Accelerated Efficiency scenario offers the most economic and environmental benefits of the three options, while Expanded Renewables offers the greatest economic development opportunities.


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