Clean Energy Polling | Ohio

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The people of Ohio have spoken and their opinion on clean energy is clear: they want more of it, they’re willing to pay extra for it, and they want their lawmakers to support policies that will encourage it.


Ohioans have made their position clear: a recent poll demonstrates overwhelming support for
policies that encourage greater production of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency


Vast majorities want to place more emphasis on energy efficiency, solar and wind; less emphasis on coal.



Even in southeastern Ohio, there is a much stronger emphasis on renewables than on natural gas or coal.



More than two-thirds – and a majority in SE Ohio – say greater renewable energy will benefit the state economy.



By more than a two-to-one margin, state voters reject that renewable energy is hurting coal jobs in the state.



Nearly nine-in-ten Ohioans would advise elected officials to support policies that encourage efficiency and renewables.



Policies receiving strong support include net metering, more reasonable wind turbine setback rules, and a
requirement that major electric utilities gradually increase their use of renewable energy over the next eight years.



State voters back up support for clean energy policies with 92% willing to pay higher fees if that is required.


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