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Choosing Clean Energy

A project of The Nature Conservancy, the leading conservation organization working around the world
to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

CHOOSING CLEAN ENERGY promotes the positive economic and health benefits of cleaner, low-carbon energy technology in the United States. America has the opportunity to reinvent how we generate, transport and use our electric power. The electric power industry is in a state of rapid transformation, and in the next decade we will see a reinvention of how we generate,
store, transmit and use electric power. New infrastructure, new business models and new energy services are needed so  the American economy can reap the full benefit of these new opportunities. And in fact, if the United States wishes to remain globally competitive, it has an obligation to do so.

CHOOSING CLEAN ENERGY focuses on the power of innovation and the innovations that will power our future. Many of the solutions we need to address the conservation challenges of our time —increasing uptake of energy efficiency, investing in renewable energy sources, establishing a price on carbon, modernizing the electric grid, and increasing the use of nature based solutions— also offer the opportunity for more jobs, more consumer choice, lower costs, cleaner air and water, better soil quality and better health. We no longer need to choose between abundant energy and a cleaner environment. With careful planning, we can have both.

CHOOSING CLEAN ENERGY highlights the stories from this energy revolution that are happening across the United States. The Nature Conservancy’s programs in all 50 states are working towards a brighter future with cleaner air and more energy options. This website is a great place to catch up on what’s happening near you.


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